As owners of the restaurant, we would like to share with everyone how Golden Hong Kong was founded. For this purpose, a passage was written.

My husband and I were just immigrants from China in hopes to gain the American dream. The beginning to our success was when we established our first restaurant. It was located in Washington DC called Young Chow Restaurant. At first, it was hard to learn and adapt the American culture. The biggest problem we had to overcome was the language barrier. However, we gradually learned many things and closed the gap between the language barrier with the help and support of our friends and customers. Being in business for 20 years, we formed a special bond with locals and government workers. Even the respectable US Attorney General, at the time, John Ashcroft, considered Young Chow Restaurant as his “All-time favorite restaurant” (Washingtonian, November 2006).

After having the restaurant operate for so long and successfully, my husband and I decided to retire and start anew. However, in the two years being away from the restaurant life, we felt the void in our hearts. We missed it, and realized that our dream hasn’t been completely fulfilled. So, on July 6, 2013, Golden Hong Kong opened. Our goal is to give our customers the best quality food and services in a family friendly environment. We want to bring back the authenticity of Chinese food.